Increase Conversions On Your Landing Pages – Productivity Nugget #249

Increase Conversions On Your Landing Pages

Increase Conversions on your landing pages with this simple trick. It’s not really a trick, but more of a philosophy. It’s a philosophy on how to increase your conversions by not being so in people’s face. Landing Pages are needed to convert your traffic to leads. And you have you kinds of landing pages… You […]

Be The Peyton Manning Of Marketing


Wow! Did you see Peyton Manning surgically carve up the Raiders defense last night? The guy is looking crazy good. Crazy Good! His stats are crazy, already breaking records this year. Plus, he ranks #10 on Forbes’ list of the World’s Highest Paid Athletes. What do you think makes Peyton so good? Goal setting, practicing […]

The Art Of The Upsell (An Example From Starbucks)

The Art of The Upsell, Marketing And Sales

It’s fall. Know how I know? You can get Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks now. That means it is officially fall. Doesn’t matter what the calendar says… If Starbucks is serving PSL, it’s that time of year. The other day when I went in to order myself a PSL I got asked, if I would […]

What Google Does That I Bet You Don’t

Google and Direct Mail Marketing

Do You Know What Google Does, That I Bet You Don’t? Have you heard of Google? Of course, who hasn’t? And if you haven’t… “google it” to find out. The amount of money they make with their online ads is crazy… Google earned over $50 Billion in Revenue in 2012. $50 Billion… with a B. […]

If You Are A Small Business Or In Sales You Can Learn From This

Getting Seller Leads Special Report

I want to be really transparent to you… I have an offer for a program coming up in a week, but it’s only for real estate agents interested in getting more Seller Leads. If you are NOT a real estate agent, skip to the P.S. below… IF… you are a real estate agent… AND… you […]

Contacting Your SOI: How Often Should You Contact Your Sphere? – Productivity Nugget #248

So you want to increase your referrals from your Sphere of Influence? And you are wondering just exactly, “How Often Should I Contact My Sphere?” If you want to generate more referrals from your sphere of influence… If you want to get referred more often by your SOI… Watch this Productivity Nugget In this Coaching […]

Do You Think More Time Equals More Self-worth?

Happy, Happy, Happy Weekend! The best email readers in the world read these emails on the weekend, because you know that’s when some of the best stuff comes out. Like today… You can listen to a new Podcast show…. or on iTunes In this episode, JR and I talk about How to THINK RESULTS. You […]

Might As Well Make It Memorable

If you are going to do something, you might as well make it memorable. With so much noise in the world today, so many ideas about creating content and marketing for you business… what it ultimately comes down to is how passionate are you about what you are doing and how you are doing it? […]

How To Increase Your Productivity – Productivity Nugget #247

How to increase productivity

  So you want to know how to increase your productivity? You are busy… only sleeping 5 hours a night or less… trying to get it all done… wish you could clone yourself? What is the secret to increasing your productivity? Is there even a secret to productivity? Or do you just have to work […]

Moving On Up…

Today’s Subject Line, “Moving On Up,” serves two meanings… First, this morning Kat and I signed all the papers on our new house… Second… I got a text message from Jonathan “Buff” Rivera telling me that our podcast was #26 in iTunes now. So Thank You for helping make that happen. Especially if you have […]

Referral Marketing: Stop using this phrase, start getting more referrals – Productivity Nugget #246

Starting Getting More Referrals From Your Referral Marketing

Getting More Referrals In Your Business Want to start getting more referrals? The city of Seattle wants to ban two potentially offensive words… “citizen” and “brown bag”. If those words are offensive, then we need to ban this word in sales, marketing and business. In This Productivity Nugget: Stop using this phrase to increase the […]

Real Estate Lead Generation: What Is the Best Form Of Lead Generation?

Real Estate Lead Generation: Best Form Of Lead Generation

Real Estate Lead Generation is where it all begins. If you are not generating leads as a Realtor, you really don’t have a business. How can help a seller sell, or a buyer buy if you don’t have any sellers or buyers to work with? Lead generation and marketing really is the name of game. […]

You’re Not Succeeding In Sales & Business Because Of This…

Not succeeding in Sales and Business

I had an interesting conversation with one of my 1 to 1 coaching clients today… We talked about how he felt like he wasn’t being himself… professionally or personally. He felt that through training courses and watching other agents around him that he had stopped acting like himself and was trying to be something, someone […]

Keep Your Business Simple – Do You Have The 4 Chords?

sales skills. follow the model

I’ve talked about the importance of following models, focusing on the fundamentals and mastering the mechanics first. Then add your creativity… your X-factor, so to speak. Too many business owners and salespeople try to start with creativity first. By nature, you are a creative personality… but this can get you into trouble Check out this video […]