Become A Lead Generation Jedi: How The Force Can Help You Generate More Real Estate Leads

Become A Lead Generation Jedi

If you want to generate more real estate leads, keep reading to learn the ways of the Jedi, my padawan. Here is your step-by-step guide to becoming a lead generating Jedi master. I know this might sound crazy, especially if you are new around here, and especially if you are not on my daily email […]

How To Increase Your Real Estate Sales Production – Beginners Guide To Selling More Homes

Growing Your Real Estate Business With Better Time Management

  Today, you’re going to discover how to increase your sales via the Productivity Junkies Philosophy of “Selling More, By Doing Less.” Over the past couple of years, as the real estate market has started to uptick, I’ve noticed a crazy increase in the number of emails from Realtors that are looking to increase their […]

“Things I Don’t Get” – Darin Persinger

Darin Persinger, Things I don't get

There is so much crazy going on in the world today… In business too. There are a fews things I don’t get. They just don’t make sense, like… Why do people drink diet coke, but then eat a whole bag of chips or a bunch of pizza… Why do people play slot machines… Why do people watch Ben Affleck […]

There Are Donuts In The Conference Room

Information Overload - Making Agents Rich Podcast

If you are trying to diet… “There are donuts in the conference room” is like the worst thing you could hear. But, hey I get it. It’s like that every day for you in your business. You are trying to focus. Stay productive. Implement. Get it done. But then you see the Facebook post inviting […]

Who Are You Focused On Impressing?

There seems to be an epidemic in business and sales today. I feel like much of it comes from the ‘fun’ of engaging in social media. There are facebook groups for every type of business activity… and businesses and sales people just tweeting each other all day. I shared my thoughts on facebook about this […]