Partnership Real Estate Coaching

Do you have the business you desire, so you can live the life you deserve?

Partnership Real Estate Coaching

***Complete the form to the right to learn more about Partnership Real Estate Coaching. Darin offers programs working 1 to 1 with him starting as low as $150 per month.

We talk four times monthly via phone, skype, tokbox or face to face. Each coaching conversation is 55 minutes long. You will get access to the Productivity Junkies Action Plans and Presentation Materials & Scripts. PLUS – you get access to me 24/7 in between calls via text or email.

I will be your coach and business partner when you need access to me, not just on the days and time we are scheduled to talk. Imagine being able to talk to your coach when you get stuck with project or not feeling motivated.

What we will tackle in our coaching conversations:

  • Strategize the methods and tactics of implementing social media to your business
  • How to and what to blog about to benefit from SEO and web traffic
  • Determine the best forms of lead generation for your strengths, market and personality
  • Creating a crystal clear vision for the business, real estate sales and life-style success you desire
  • Discovery of your “Powerful WHY” so you can wake up excited and don’t get stalled when facing challenges
  • Building and implementing lead conversion and follow up plans so your leads don’t fall through the cracks
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your business, real estate sales and life-style goals success
  • Determine “PHOCUS” goals that allow you to focus on key areas of your business and life
  • Identify ways to add leverage and operate a business of ease and elegance
    * And more…..

To test drive a Partnership Real Estate Coaching conversation and have a complimentary FREE call complete the form to the right.

Darin and I have become more than friends on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, we have entered into a one on one coaching relationship. So far as relationships go, this may be the best one I’ve entered into in a long time.

I’ve been coached by the Ferry Organization, local management and various “gurus” that all talk the same talk about lead gen, cold calls, the “numbers game” and the like. Guess what–I’m not a shallow person and I didn’t want a shallow approach to my coaching solution.

Stacey McVeyEnter Darin Persinger.

Five minutes into our first call I began to realize this was different than anything else I’d ever experienced. Darin has a unique way of approaching coaching in a “whole life” manner that helps me identify not only what’s not working in my business development, but also the behaviors that drive my results–good and bad. Anyone can tell me how many calls I should be making, but for him to zero in on what drives me is well….borderline unnerving and exhilarating all at the same time. To sit and learn about yourself in such a way that it makes a drastic change in your business is probably a bit unbelievable, but entirely realistic once you invite Darin into your life.

In my first week, I set 13 appointments, made three new buyer presentations & felt a sense of peace about my results and priorities for the first time in well…..I can’t tell you how long!

If you have been contemplating taking your life to the next level, incorporating technology and social media in your business development or just seeing what you’re really made of get a taste of what change can look like.
– Stacey McVey

To test drive a Partnership Real Estate Coaching conversation and have a complimentary FREE call complete the form to the right.