Decisions or Commitments? – Productivity Nugget #150

Yesterday, I did a webinar for SMM Camp 5. We had about 1600 real estate agents register for the social media training event.

I’m pretty confident that with all those real estate agents that attended, very few are going to implement what they learned.


The difference between making the decision and being committed.

Many real estate agents made a decision to grow their knowledge and business by attending the webinar, but how many are going to commitment the time, resource and energy to actually doing the things they learned?

Making Decisions

Decisions are easy. We make decisions every day. Every hour.

Decisions come in all shapes and sizes. We can even decide to not make a decision and that’s still a decision.

You can’t avoid decisions.

Making Commitments

Commitments aren’t easy.

Commitments are hard. They usually involve giving up something or sacrificing.

Commitments might involve signing a contract, making a payment or investing some dollar amount.

Meetings Are Where Decisions Are Made

I’m glad to be self employed and the owner of my own business right now. I spent many hours of my 20’s in meetings. Meetings where decisions were made. Commitment doesn’t happen in a meeting. You don’t commit to something until you start actually doing it. Deciding is not committing.

After all is said and done, more is said than done. – Aesop

Check out this video, as I promised in my Productivity Nugget above, by Derek Sivers. Derek talks about why maybe you should keep your goals to yourself.

There is a difference between making a decision and committing

I get it.

Its fun to talk about what you are going to do. How you are going to do it. How awesome it will be. What a success you will be.

Talk is cheap.

I made a decision to start video blogging in April of 2008. I bought a FlipCam. My first Productivity Nugget did not come out until June of 2009. FAIL!

I wasn’t committed. Sure, I bought the video camera. But, I didn’t sit my butt down in front of camera and press record. I didn’t commit because of fear.

Fear is holding you back from committing to something. What is it?

What are you going to do to stop just making decisions and to start making commitments?


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