Increase Conversions On Your Landing Pages – Productivity Nugget #249

Increase Conversions on your landing pages with this simple trick.

Increase Conversions On Your Landing Pages

It’s not really a trick, but more of a philosophy. It’s a philosophy on how to increase your conversions by not being so in people’s face.

Landing Pages are needed to convert your traffic to leads.

And you have you kinds of landing pages…

  • You have Pass Thru Landing Pages - sending your website traffic on to other content they might like
  • Lead Conversion Landing Pages – getting your website traffic to opt-in to your email marketing follow up and appointment setting
  • Sales Pages Landing Pages – Turning your traffic into paying clients and customers

So watch this video on how to increase conversions on your landing pages…

In this Coaching Video:

0:25 The most common mistake people with their landing pages

0:38 Why so many people are making this mistake

0:52 What you don’t want to do on your landing pages

1:29 What is going through the mind of your website traffic

1:34 A lesson I learned from observing a situation at the mall about “information”

2:00 “That’s how valuable ______________ information is”

2:07 What you should be doing to increase conversions on your landing page

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