Using Video In Real Estate To Build Your Sphere Of Influence Business – Productivity Nugget #159

I was in Green Bay, Wisconsin the other week, and while recording the Coaches Corner with Dean Ouellette, who sells real estate in East Valley area of Phoenix, Arizona.

Dean mentioned to me that he had just finished up doing an interview with Green Bay Greg, who believe it or not, specializes in selling Green Bay homes and that I should connect with him.

Greg, who sells Green Bay real estate is using video in real estate in more than one way to grow his business.

We got together to talk about that and he shares in this Productivity Nugget what he is doing to grow his sphere of influence business.

Using Video In Real Estate

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Building Your Sphere Of Influence In Real Estate

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Thanks to Dean for introducing me to Greg.

You can connect with Dean on twitter by clicking here

You can connect with Greg on twitter by clicking here