What Trigger Phrases Could Help Your Sphere Of Influence Give You More Referrals – Productivity Nugget #142

On Tuesday I told you that you should STOP asking for referrals from your real estate sphere of influence. Today I want to share with you about trigger phrases to help you increase your real estate business.

A trigger phrase is what someone might say or ask just before they need your service, even though they don’t know they need your service…yet.

Coaching Your Real Estate Sphere Of Influence

After you have made more deposits than you have withdrawals from the social capital accounts, so you stop Your Sphere Of Influence Real Estate Business From Sucking, you are ready to start coaching and training them.

This is basically like teaching your sphere of influence when THE MOMENT happens while they are having a conversation with a friend, family member or co-worker and anything to do with real estate comes up.

Once your real estate sphere understands trigger words and phrases and they can recognize “The Moment”, they will be able to recommend your services.

I gave you some trigger phrases in the video I think you might want to share with your sphere.

What trigger phrases can you think of?

Leave me a comment!

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