3 Reasons You Are Not Making More Money In Real Estate Sales [Part 3]

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If you are wasting your time, wishing you could be doing other things with it… and know deep down you should be making more money…

Then you’ll want to read these 3 reasons you are not making more money in real estate sales.

(If you missed yesterday… 3 Reasons You Are Not Making More Money)

Real Estate Sales: Not Making More Money
3. Your Not Converting Leads 

Two simple things about Lead Conversion… but first keep in mind, the money is made in the follow up.

1. Most lead conversion is not done with enough intensity. It’s not quick enough or often enough.

2. Not staying in touch consistently for long enough.

Check this out…

Most leads don’t buy right away but they do buy. Mac McIntosh, notes an in-depth study for Cahners Business Information of 40,000 leads…

  • 11% purchased within three months of inquiring
  • 17% purchased within four to six months
  • 25% purchased within seven to 12 months
  • And 47% bought in a year or more

For Realtors, keep in mind, this is not real estate specific. The industry is not very well documented because all of you are independent contractors. But these numbers are across many different industries, and people tend to have the same behavior.

So, you see how essential it is to have a “Lead Conversation Strategy” that communicates with new leads early and often.

Plus… a “Long-term Lead Nurture Plan” that communicates with old leads consistently and for the long term. Check this out… it should be eye opening to you….

You are leaving a lot of money on the table by not having an effective “Lead Conversation Strategy” and “Long-term Lead Nurture Plan”. 

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– Darin Persinger