Did Your Real Estate Agent Website Generate Leads This Week?

Last week I started helping a real estate agent move from WordPress.com to WordPress.org self hosted website.

This real estate agent had been using content creation for lead generation. The problem is because they were using the WordPress.com platform they were very limited to how they could trade the content for contact.

I helped them get self hosted on WordPress.org and move all their content over to the new website.

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The first thing that we did after getting them self hosted was to determine what their content creation strategy would be.

  • What kind of content would we share to bring traffic to the website?
  • What kind of content would we offer in exchange for the website visitor’s contact information?

We brainstormed and came up with a bunch of ideas, but focused on one to start with.

Next we created a conversion page to showcase the offer and to add an opt in form. We set up an account at Mail Chimp and created web forms to be able to add to the conversion page.

It is that simple.

And yesterday while the real state agent was out and about, doing other business development activities they had someone sign up on the conversion page. The real estate agent’s website generated a lead without them having to be there and be present. That is leverage. They are pretty excited right now!!! Wouldn’t you be?

Did your real estate agent website generate leads this week?

This of course is just the beginning. There will be many other conversion pages that will be built. They will continue to create dynamic content on their blog to drive traffic to the conversion page. They will do all off line activities to drive traffic to the conversion page. They will engage and interact in social media networking to drive traffic to the conversion page.

The foundation is set though for this real estate agent to build a powerful website that generates leads and amplifies their activity. And it only took one week.

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