Do Less

I had a real estate coaching client send me this video.

They told me it reminds them of coaching with me.

“The less you do, the more you do.”

I have probably said these words in a coaching or training session. I do live by this philosophy.

Here are some blog posts and coaching videos I have done about the philosophy of DO LESS:

Advice from Steve Jobs, “Get rid of the crappy stuff. Focus on the good stuff.”

More effort, less judgment is about doing less mental exertion and focus on putting in actual physical effort.

The Simple One Page Business Plan helps real estate agents get their key focus areas on one sheet that is easy to review and simple to use. Do less number crunching, business planning and focus on implementing.

Do less by controlling your distractions. Focus on what you can do in 10 minutes.

I gave some free real estate coaching to Top Producer on how they could increase their product and service if they do less.

Do less spending in 9 Ways To Cutting Costs In Your Personal Finances And Real Estate Business

Doing less is about simplicity. In Productivity Nugget #080 I shared 5 Products I Use That You Can Learn A Lesson Of Simplicity From

Ask yourself these Two Simple Questions To Avoid Feature Creep In Your Business, Life, And Website

Check out these Time Management Systems And Productivity Tools I use to stay focused and productive.

Use the The Lighthouse Concept to help you Focus On The Top Priority

And if you still find yourself Trying Too Hard. Release The Brake to help you do less and get more done.

Do less and be more productive!

Learn about the Productivity Junkies Coaching Program.

Do Less Get More Done Productivity Junkies