Don’t Brand The Cattle, Brand The Buyer (Wisdom From TV Show Firefly)

In the late, great Sci-Fi, Cowboy/Western TV show, created and produced by Joss Whedon… “Firefly”…

There is scene where the fearless leader of the ship, Captain Mal has discovered he accidentally has gotten married.

Mal is talking with his new bride, sharing a bit of his history…

“My momma had a ranch, back on Shadow where I’m from. Ran cattle, mostly – wasn’t nobody ran ‘em harder or smarter. She used to tell me, don’t brand the cattle, brand the buyer – he’s the one likely to stray.”

So true… so true… right?

Don’t brand the cattle, brand the buyer because he’s the one likely to stray.

There’s truth in those words… but you know what’s weird?

Most people and businesses don’t even do that…

You don’t brand the cattle… or brand the buyer…

You brand yourself.

Are you afraid you’ll forget who you are?

Are you afraid you’ll likely stray if you don’t have your brand all over yourself?

Things like…

  • Worrying about your logo
  • “Getting your name out there”
  • Coming up with a tagline

Are some ways you are branding yourself, but is it really working?

I feel like you should be more worried about things like…

And these are things I talk about in

If you are interested in this for your business… when you get access to it, go straight to page 12 where I start talking about branding. 

Darin “Browncoat” Persinger