Don’t Panic Just Because It’s Almost The End Of The Year

You are seeing it, aren’t you?

If you are on this email list, I’m willing to bet you are on a few others…

And you are probably getting some pitches or are soon to about,

“What to do in 2013 or you’re a loser.” or
“Last chance…” or
“Can’t make money doing this… do this instead…”

Quick question for ya before I get into the topic of today…

… Have You Ever Tried To Start A Fire?

Have you ever tried to start a campfire or even a grill?

And decided to take a short cut. And just toss a bunch of gasoline on the wood, throw a match at the fire pit and hope like crazy that you don’t catch on fire yourself.

This seems like what a lot of training/coaching/productivity/lead generation/social media programs are. Especially right now, this time of year.

Does the gas on the fire work? Sure.

But sometimes you have to keep pouring gas on the fire. It will burn extremely hot for a few minutes and then die out.

So you pour more gas,even more gas than before, again hoping you don’t melt your skin off.

Seems dangerous and silly.

Go for the slow burn

I feel the secret to starting a good fire is to go for a slow burn.

  • Find dry wood.
  • Some nice pieces of kindling.
  • Stack the wood properly.
  • Fill in the gaps with newspaper or cardboard.
  • And then while the fire is burning hot, I keep poking the fire.
  • I move stuff around or throw more wood or paper on the fire.

Go for the slow burn 

Consistency. There are vendors trying to sell me stuff every day, just as I know others are trying to sell you.

The stuff that is being sold to me, is the “Pour gas on it and never have to touch it again” products.

Are you getting sold that too? But what I know is that stuff doesn’t work.

The right wood, paper, the way you stack it and attention you give to the fire is what works.

Is it sexy? Maybe not.

But it allows you to eat S’mores and hotdogs without your flesh melting off.

And to some, that might be sexy.

Don’t Panic And Use The Gas

You are going to get pitched hard from Vendors for the next few days, even the entire month of January probably.

You are going to come across many “Here is the Gas” type products.

Don’t panic.

Find the right wood. Some good kindling. Paper. Cardboard. And start the fire right. Add more wood and paper when appropriate.

Don’t abandon your fire and let it go out.

Which causes you to feel like you need to use gas to get it going again.

If you insist on using gas to start the fire… the closest thing I have to  that is the Full Day Intensive Coaching Session…

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Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent
— Darin Persinger