How To Lose Friends & Piss Off People

Want to know how to lose friends and piss off people?

Make sure people hear from you randomly and when you do contact them, ask them for something… Like referrals.

Imagine that you drive down to your bank right now.

You walk in to the bank, fill out a withdrawal slip and approach the counter.

The teller behind the counter looks at your slip and punches some keys on his keyboard. He looks at his computer monitor. Looks up at you. Looks at his computer monitor. Looks back up at you and now you see that he has a very confused… very concerned look on his face.

He looks back at his monitor, squints his eyes and focuses. His face is a mix of concentration and panic. You sense something wrong and ask, “Is everything OK?”

With his eyes still on the computer monitor he responds awkwardly stumbling on his words, “Ummm….your account shows that you have $1,570 in the checking account and $4,000 in the savings account…”


You are confused. “Yeah. So.”

The bank teller responds,”You are asking to withdraw $12,000.”

You are trying to withdraw something when you don’t have the deposits there to cover it.

Who Do You Know Who?

I see real estate training programs, managers, etc. training real estate agents and selling them programs where they try to make a certain number of contacts and ask for referrals.

You get a script and it usually starts off with, “Hi Mike, this Darin Persinger with PJ’s Realty… and I was wondering who do you know who that might be in the market to buy or sell a home in the next 90 days?”

I hate this practice. I hate this script. This will kill your sphere of influence real estate business.

This is a great why to lose friends and piss off people.

So if you want to lose friends and piss off people… just make sure you contact them randomly… maybe once a year… or 2 years after they bought… or while you’re in a training program… or because you are desperate and need money… or because you have to make 100 contacts this week.

  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

– Darin “Keep In Touch” Persinger

P.S. >> This is way I try to email as often as I can. I don’t wait until I’m launching something and then hit you up.

Every day I try to FIRST, entertain you….

Second, offer you value…

and THIRD, a chance to get more value by making an investment in yourself.

Have you noticed you don’t hear from some people until they have a webinar or event to promote?

P.P.S. >> Tomorrow I’m going to share with you the best Inbound Marketing Strategy there is…