Lead Conversion Is Still On You

“Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.” – Benjamin Franklin

Last Rays I see many real estate agents that move over to blogging and inbound marketing in the hope that it takes the rejection out of business.

They don’t like picking up the phone and calling expireds or fsbos because of the fear of hearing “NO!” on the other side.

Lead Conversion Is Still On You

I know it is safer behind your computer monitor.

It probably doesn’t feel as bad when no one responds to an email vs. getting told “I’m not interested.” on the phone.

It’s easy to justify in inbound marketing that because “they found me, they’ll let me know when they are ready.”

Seth Godin wrote an interesting blog post called “Helping the rejection committee“. In it he writes,

“We sabotage our college applications or email pitches or websites, predicting in advance that we’re not going to make it, not good enough, not worthy. So we set out to save them the trouble of having to think hard about the no.”

I think what Seth is basically saying, go through the process. You have a job as a business owner, sales person, marketer. That is to ask. Even in inbound marketing. Even when they have reached out to you first. It is now on you to continue to reach out to them. To help them make a decision. Yes or No. Without being attached to the outcome. Just going through the process. Doing your job.

Seth continues to write, “If someone wants to say no, let them. But no need to help them get to no before they get the chance. Let them do their job.”

Lead Conversion Is About Asking

Its easy to avoid a “No”.

Just never ask for a commitment.

Never ask the prospect to make a decision.

Chris Brogan wrote a blog post that tells us to Make The Ask.

“People get squeamish when asking for money, or when promoting something of value to their community. If you feel it’s a genuine value to the community, why feel squeamish? You’re providing many services for free. To ask for compensation for certain parts of the value you give away is natural and expected.”

Do you get squeamish when you have to ask for an appointment? When you have to ask your sellers for a price reduction? When you have to ask your buyers to write an offer?

Chris asks why feel squeamish, you are providing services for free? He is talking about bloggers and online marketers here I think. But, aren’t you doing the same as a Realtor? Even if you are not blogging.

Didn’t you give away your expertise in the form of a CMA? Didn’t you give away your time and expertise setting up the showings and touring the properties with those buyers?

Inbound marketing is not a replacement for you reaching out. You still have to ask the question that might get you a “No.” That’s life. That’s business. Think about how many times you hear “No.” from the people closest to you. Your wife. Your husband. Your kids. Your friends. You don’t take rejection personal from people close to you, but you will from someone you don’t know?

So reject rejection.

Go for the ask.

Continue to reach out.

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