Real Estate Lead Conversion – Don’t Drop The Ball

Are you following up with all your leads on a consistent, regular schedule?

I think lead conversion is hard and lead generation is the easy.

Seems like there 1,000 ways to generate leads now a days, but lead conversion isn’t getting any easier. Lead conversion is still on you.

Real estate lead conversion – don’t drop the ball

So lets say your lead generation plan brings in a bunch leads and you are either spending your time or money to do that but you don’t have an effective, solid lead conversion and follow up plan, what’s the point?

You might be a great running back, fast, quick, athletic, but if you can’t hold on to the football, if you are always fumbling, you won’t have a long career in the NFL.

If you can’t convert leads to appointments and closings, you won’t have a long career in real estate.

Lead Conversion Tools

Do you have the right tools for your real estate lead conversion?

You don’t need a fancy contact management database tool like Top Producer, but you need something.

You need a place to put all your prospects and leads so nothing falls through the cracks. So you don’t drop the ball.

I’m helping one coaching client that is simply using Google Contacts as her CRM, aka Contact Relationship Manager. Every new contact she meets, lead she generates or referral she gets, she enters into Google Contacts. She uses the Groups function to segment her contacts, for example,

  • Buyer Leads
  • Seller Leads
  • Past Clients

There are many CRM’s specifically for real estate and even some great general ones like high rise, batch blue or the one I use ContactMe.

Use a excel or spread sheet if that’s what works for you, but you need to have some tool where you can store your contacts info at. Your phone or facebook doesn’t count.

You might even want to think about investing in an email marketing software to help with the lead nurturing and database follow up.

Lead Conversion Systems

Even with the right tools, if you don’t have the right systems or don’t implement and use the tools you are dropping the ball.

I help some of my coaching clients figure out these systems. Lead conversion and follow up systems are a tricky one, because there is no one size fits all and the pre-made content can sound canned and inhuman. So this is a part of your business that you need to sit down and give some thought, energy and attention to.

There are key areas that you want to build your systems around though and here are some questions to help with that:

  • How soon and how often will you follow up with a new lead?
  • What methods of contact will you use?
  • What will be the content you send them or what will be the script you use/questions you ask?

Maybe for past clients you want to ask questions a bit different like,

  • How many times over the year will you contact them?
  • How will you continue to provide value?
  • How will you ask for referrals?
  • How will you thank them when the send you referrals?
  • What methods of contact will you use?

The Moment

While you are thinking about the answers to all these questions, what it really comes down to is “The Moment”. What is your “Moment”? To learn about the moment CLICK HERE.

All of your lead conversion tools and systems should probably be built around this.

To make sure you don’t drop the ball in your lead conversion

  1. Identify the Moment
  2. Get the right tools
  3. Design and implement the right systems

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