Realtor Marketing Tips – What you Can Learn From Sam Adams Marketing – Productivity Nugget #149

“we only represent less than 1% of the U.S. beer market but are also the leader in the craft brewing industry.” – via

Does Size Matter?

A long term real estate marketing practice has been to brag and boast how many homes you have sold or the total dollar volume of homes you have sold.

Why? Who cares?

Probably only you.

A new practice now in social media is to brag about how many friends, fans or followers you have.

Why? Who cares?

A better way to go might by lifestyle branding, like what Wendy Forsythe shared with me. Or activity based marketing suggested by Jeff Bernheisel. Or combining all these ideas it to what I consider content based marketing.

Celebrate Being Small

The beer company Samuel Adams has a new TV commercial out where they celebrate being less than 1% of the total beer market. Have you seen it?

Isn’t that business marketing suicide? Aren’t you supposed to brag about being #1…being the biggest…selling the most?

What I love about inbound marketing and Realtor marketing right now is the ability to get small and customize. I shared this in a Productivity Nugget #137

“I talked about why social media and internet marketing excite me.

The ability to get small. To get small and engage. To set limits and be effective. I’m more interested in being effective first, then figure out how to be efficient.”

Keep in mind that being the biggest doesn’t always mean being the best.

Market share doesn’t allows correlate to profit.

Take a page out of Samuel Adams marketing book and celebrate how you small your business is, but what you are the best in and how being small allows for that.

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