Salesperson Angry About Someone Trying To Make Sales

Relationship & Referral MarketingSome people will never understand the art, science, math and relationships of sales and marketing…

If you are not new to this email list, you know that last week you got tips on time management, productivity and focus…

You then had the chance to join PHOCUS Coaching to go deeper with this tips.

Someone did not appreciate that I was “selling” in my emails each day.


I signed up for your emails because I kept hearing how great they are and you have some impressive testimonials on your website. But your constant shitty promotions are getting annoying. When are you going to actually share some tips and values?

Stop selling me and start sharing some value with me or I’ll have to unsubscribe.”

Sounds like a threat to me.

They will “have to unsubscribe”. Oh my!!!!

I thought this person had some interesting insights, so what I did is I went and looked at those emails of me “selling”.

Here’s what I found… Look for yourself…

In Why Time Management Is so dang important to me

You learned how important time is. How precocious life is. And that time management isn’t just about being more productive at work. It’s about being able to enjoy more time with the people you care about.

I shared my story of how I was bad at time management and productivity. So  if I can change, so can you.

In Don’t Lazy I shared about a friend that you can learn from about not getting sidetracked and being lazy.

In Where Success Comes From you learned that success doesn’t come from future. It comes from that past things you’ve done.

In The Ugly Mistake Of Time Management I gave you a transparent look at what I do in my 1 to 1 coaching calls. I shared with you what I share with my clients that pay me $500-$600 a month.

In Do you have focus like this? I bet not. I shared the story of the 300 and how powerful their singular focus was and why you need to have singular focus.

In One simple trick to productivity and time management you learned how to  properly use email. Plus you learned what tool to learn for project management  And what tool to story info and to remember things.

In Get Rid Of The Crappy Stuff – Steve Jobs, I told you the story what Steve Jobs told the new CEO of Nike.

In The Mistake Of Changing Your Message, I shared a story about a local coffee stand and how their marketing message always change. I told you to stay focused with your marketing message.

In Don’t Put It Off Until Later, you learned about Pain Aversion and how it’s natural. Be aware of it and still do things.

And in the 90/50 Rule, you learned that personal sacrifice does NOT equal personal productivity. I told you exactly what the 90/50 Rule is and how to use it to ATTACK YOUR DAY.

I think I did provide a lot of value and tips during these emails.

What do you think?

If you didn’t get something out of these emails the first time or this time rereading them… you and I are not a match…

… I can’t help you…

… You should not sign up for my Daily Email tips about marketing and productivity.

By the way… let me share with you. Everyone of those emails made me and my business money.

Do your emails do that? Do you generate a referral or a response or an appointment every time you send an email?

Not only do I provide tips and value, but I’m making money. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

Do you have a limiting mindset that emails are suppose to only do this or do that?

Do you have a belief causing you to not hit your goals, that you can’t ask for things in your emails, or blog posts, or your website, or your direct mail?

Are afraid you are going to “damage” the relationship?

Well let me tell ya, You can continue to justify your fear of “selling” (or what I simply call asking and helping people to decide) with the excuse you don’t want to damage your relationship, but that’s not a relationship at all.

I learned as a child that relationships are a two-way street. A one-sided relationship ain’t a relationship at all. It’s abuse. It’s exploitation. It’s victimization.

If you are afraid to ask, there is something wrong in your relationship.

Doesn’t matter if it’s asking a spouse, a child, a co-worker, a friend or someone in your sphere/database.

If you don’t like my tips and ideas. Fair enough. Unsubscribe or don’t even sign up.

Because I’m going to ask. I feel it’s only fair.

I feel you and I have a healthy adult relationship right?

It’s a two-way street.

By the way, I’m going to be sharing more about this idea of relationships and marketing in the PJ’s Monthly Insider next month.

In fact, I’m about to jump on the monthly tele-conference call, share with the current members and coach them through any issues they have.

You should be on that call next month.

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— Darin Persinger