Inbound Marketing in Real Estate – Productivity Nugget #145


  • Do you think home buyers are searching online for homes?
  • Do you think home owners are searching online to find info about home prices, loan mods and the short sale process?
  • Do you think consumers are checking with their social networks, online and offline, who they use for purchases and services?

If so keep reading.

Inbound Marketing Is About Getting Found

How are you getting found in the Search Engines?

Using real estate blogging will help increase your exposure online. Optimizing your content, making it remarkable and getting others talking about you, AKA linking to you will help with this. It is a way for you to amplify your marketing.

You can use video blogging or activity based marketing as part of your content creation strategy. Creating quality content that is of value to your target audience will help you get found in the search engines.

How are you getting found in the Social Networks?

Social networking is just that. Being social. And networking.

To be effective in the social media platforms look at creating relationships and providing value. Conversations take place in the social networks and it’s crucial that you are starting conversations, joining in on conversations and listening.

You can gain influence by becoming interested in other people and their projects. When people feel that you are being authentic the Law Of Reciprocity will kick in.

How are you getting found in your local community?

How much time do you spend behind your computer vs. out in your community?

Being involved in your local community and enhancing the relationships you have with regular face to face conversations will help you grow your sphere of influence and increase the number of recommendations you receive.

How are you providing value to your local community? Look at helping local businesses, events and places get found in the Search Engines, Social Networks and by your sphere.

Inbound Marketing In Real Estate

There are so many ways for you to use Inbound Marketing to get found by customers and clients that are looking for a service you are providing.

The market has shifted and marketing has shifted too.

Inbound Marketing is a great strategy for every real estate agent to add to their lead generation strategy.

What are you doing to get found?

Implement Inbound Marketing In Your Real Estate Business