The Problem With Implementing Systems In Your Business

There is a problem with having systems in your business.

The problem is cause and effect.

I’m willing to bet you have tried to implement systems in business before.

You’ve looked to add solutions, streamline your activities and automate tasks, haven’t you?

But it never sticks…


Implementing systems is like moving elephants…

Elephants were causing an African village to starve each year. Every year the village would plant their crops but the Elephants would trample over the plants on their way to the river to drink.

The simple solution… move the Elephants.

Relocate them to another area so they couldn’t trample the food supply of the village.

After moving the Elephants many of the villagers became sick and died. It turned out there was a bacteria that grew in the mud along the riverbank. The Elephants continued to disturb the habitat so the bacteria would never flourish.

But when the Elephants were gone ,this left the bacteria was undisturbed. It grew and flourished and infected the natives. This caused many in the village to die from the bacteria.

When thinking about systems… it’s hard to think past the current pain point that you know exists. It’s hard to predetermine what “might” happen next… so you do the best with the info you have and create your system.

But everything has a cause and effect.

And when something pops up that is unexpected it causes frustration and sets you back.

Everything has a cause and effect.

As Susan Scott says in Fierce Conversations… “No plan survives it’s collision with reality.”

Does this mean that creating and implementing systems is a waste of time?

Not at all…

And this is what you and I will be talking about on the tele-class this Friday… January 25th.

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— Darin Persinger

P.S. A quick Q & A…

Q. Darin, do you offer 1 to 1 coaching and if so is it possible to work with just you and not one of your coaches? – Curious about coaching

A. When you hire me, you get me. It’s that simple. My business model is not  to simply be the front guy that brings clients in and and outsource you to “trained coaches”, while still charging a premium price.

You want to hire me, you get me.

So yes, I do 1 to 1 coaching and there is no extra fee to work with me 1 to 1. I am your coach.

You’ll also find that your investment cost to work with me is NOT the cost of mortgage… to find out more info on having me help you with your business visit here.