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I help business owners grow their business and profits with marketing and lead follow up architecture.

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Time Is Tricky, Trippy & Easy To Lose Track Of

Time can get away from you, can’t it? And I’m not just talking about an hour here or there… Having a pint or glass of wine with friends. I’m talking about years and decades. The other night Kat and I went out for a little date night. There was music playing through the sound system […]

Create A Productive Environment To Get Things Done

Creating A Productivity Environment – Productivity Nugget #250

How To Create A Productive Environment To Get Things Done Another Productivity Coaching video by Darin Persinger of ProductivityJunkies.com Maybe you have a deadline pressing down on you … your timelines are coming up… you really need to get a project done… Or you decide today is the day when you’re going to be more […]

Focus on Seller Leads

As A Realtor: Should You Focus On Seller Listings Or Buyer Leads?

Let’s pretend you are a business owner (that shouldn’t be hard). Let’s pretend that you own two businesses. Let’s pretend one of your busines is a fireworks store and another business is a costume store. Let’s pretend that it is October 1st. Which business would get more of your attention? More of your time? Which […]

Time Management Perfect Storm

3 Tips On How To Become Ruthless With Your Time Management

Today, we’re talking about being ruthless with time management. It’s something that I strive for, especially as the Founder of a company called Productivity Junkies. And I’m told quite often that I am ruthless with my Time Management. For example, my podcast partner Jonathan Rivera says, “Well, from what I see of you, I think […]

"Nature fills a vacuum. If you don’t know what you want to accomplish in your week, day or even for the next hour, the universe will put something in front of you. Your empty hour will get replaced with some kind of activity. Will it be productive and profitable? Probably not, if you weren’t purposeful with what was put in your schedule." - Darin Persinger

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